As if there were already not enough political controversies in the country, Altaf Hussain has thrown in yet another spanner in our wheels by asking for the creation of a new province in Sindh. Essentially the MQM is eyeing Karachi, with a population of about 20 million, majority of which is Urdu speaking, and has a revenue generation capacity of nearly 70 percent of Pakistan. Sindh without Karachi would be just a husk.

I believe that the sons of the soil resent – nay - abhor the very idea of partitioning Sindh on any excuse. Khushbakht Shujaat, while addressing a gathering in Karachi, made a strong case, with veiled threats, for the separation of Karachi on ‘administrative’ basis, and while doing so tried to assure the nation that they (the Urdu speaking) are the diehard Pakistanis and love Pakistan more than anyone else. This kind of behavior can not be tolerated in Pakistan.


Rawalpindi, September 20.