Over 55 percent voted ‘No’ in Scotland. This vote decided that Scotland will not get independence from UK. Alax Salmond of the Scotland Nationalist Party (SNP) conceded his defeat. The credit goes to UK for giving the Scottish people the chance to choose for themselves if they wanted to stay a part of UK or be independent. It was the first time in UK history that voters aged sixteen and seventeen voted.

It is about time that India, which claims to be a great democratic and developed country, should give Kashmiris the right to vote who they want to stay with, or be independent. There is dire need for such a consensus in Kashmir which can resolve this issue once and for all. If India really believes in ‘democracy’ then they should take this step.

This can bring lasting peace for both nations and cordial relationships can be built. Both nations can flourish by decreasing military expenditures on the borders. This can also boost the economy of both the countries and improve tourism, cricket, trade and education. India needs now to think honestly about such actions.


Shikarpur, September 19.