The massive exodus of intelligent people with brilliant minds out of Pakistan should be worrying the rulers . Highly qualified and educated people are leaving this country of no hope. The rising dissension and frustration; due to poverty, social disorder, psychological disorder, gap between the rich and the poor, rising rate of crime, collapse of state institutions, height of inflation, democracy under threat, provincial disharmony, and violence in society, seem to be at the core of this brain drain.

This drain of skillful professionals, mostly students, after completing their education abroad, should be curbed. They apply for different kind of visas to western countries who welcome them with open arms. They are offered excellent salaries, a higher standard of living and a secure life. We as a country have to improve the surroundings and of salaries for our professionals. There should be hiring on merit, and we should be looking into programs devised to promote policies based on quality of work, and not according to  the tenor of the job. The need of the hour is to try and stop this brain-drain or at least take measures to minimize the loss.


Hyderabad, September 18.