The offloading of two parliamentarians, at Karachi airport, has triggered the debate about the prevalent, destructive VIP culture in Pakistan. The culture is an effect of elitist model of governance and politics in the country. The Pakistani political elite have set such socio cultural values, based on their own idea of perpetuating their rule and thinking themselves above the law. It is important that we strengthen our state institutions to curb the menace of this VIP culture.

There are islands of exemplary functioning of state institutions in Pakistan such as the Pakistan Motorway Police, where law treats every one alike. Pakistani society has come a long way from being relatively egalitarian society to increasingly elitist society. Political parties are thriving on this VIP culture. Political parties are formed to empower common man and solve their problems, but now they have become private clubs, that only promote personal gains, at the cost of rule of law. The role of leadership is very important, where leaders lead by example, if a leader obeys the law, followers do the same. The greatest example we have is of George Washington, an American president who could have continued his tenure but set an example by stepping down after two terms.

Nelson Mandela is another example of submitting to law and consequently killing the spirit of VIP culture. Political leadership in Pakistan draws its strength from the people who vote for them yet they seem to be disconnected with their predicament. Now the people have started hating the VIP culture and have become frustrated by the innumerable problems to which no attention is given. Hard earned tax payers money is squandered on protocol that wastes the nations time, money, and resources in providing huge uncalled for motorcades for useless politicians.


Australia, September 21.