S: Dolphin Force? They actually named it “Dolphin Force”? That is the least awe-inspiring name I have ever heard. It might have suited a team of boats which cleaned up the harbor, but not an ‘elite squad’ designed to combat street crime. With a name like this it is doomed from the start, although they could have named it ‘Death Squad’ and it still would have failed. Silly old Shahbaz Sharif with his silly old pet projects.

A: I think he went for the versatility and agility that dolphins have; although I do admit it could have been name better. Regardless, the initiative should be appreciated. A modern patrol squad, with chips to track their movement and onboard cameras to monitor their activities; this was needed for a long time now.

S: Another flagship project soon to be abandoned? Yes, we surly need one of those. This is Shahbaz’s Sharif’s ego and folly at its supreme. Just like he likes upgrading roads that fine to begin with, and builds underpasses and bridges when sewage piping is needed, he has ignored the real problem to go for the shiny toy he can show off to his friends. We need police reform. Not cops on flashy bikes.

A: I remember you saying something similar when the Traffic Warden police was launched, but se how they have made a change. Give this one time too, maybe this will work too.

S: It won’t, the Wardens were well funded, well trained, and their functions were well defined, this is an unnecessarily expensive project, which wasn't needed in the first place unlike the Wardens, who fulfilled the need for a dedicated traffic police. Somebody tell this to Shahbaz –preferably loudly and slowly – we need reform, not cool bikes.