LAHORE: Diva’ni is a mysterious composition of Yash Chopra’s representative, colorful and absolute stunning attire for women.

It comes to you from the heart and soul of two companies. One celebrates feminine fashion for the contemporary women. The other strengthens it by loving the beauty of women and womanhood through iconic films. Following the success of the recent flagship couture store in Lahore, DIVA’NI the only fashion brand established at the edge of cinema and reality showcased its bridal couture 2016 at Mian Salli Haveli in Lahore.

It is arguably the world’s first clothing brand scripted by cinema and directed by fashion and it brings in a whole new fashion experience for discerning fashionasta.

The event aims at building up cultural bonds between the two neighboring countries. Bagh-e -Bahar brought back the time of Mughal era and period of royal dynasties, taking clients on a spiritual journey through historic art movements. The brand is led by its powerhouse creative director Ms. Sanya Dhir, who joined the 65-year-old family business, KBSH in 2009.

“She said we are delighted to introduce ‘Bagh-e-Bahar in Lahore, every ensemble with the advent of machines and power looms, the pricey handwork that has been crafted as a master piece where each silhouette recites poetry of a bygone era that are reflection of our rich heritage.

Diva’ni brings forth the rare artistry to create exclusive and be spoke couture in Pakistan. They launched the event all to bring back the glory of the lost crafts with a contemporary relevance to complement the noblest of women.” Diva’ni was first introduced in the year 2013 by Yash raj films, Indian cinema’s biggest name and KBSH private limited, one of the largest & independent heritage fashion houses based out of New Delhi.

It promotes dying traditional crafts, working closely with its weavers and craftsmen from the remotest regions of the subcontinent. Diva’ni is hosting an exclusive 3 days viewing of the ‘Bagh –e- Bahar’ collection at the brands flagship store on main MM Alam Road starting 24th September 2016.

The event kicked off with the live performance of the legendary singer Rahat Fateh Ali khan, where superstars Mahira Khan and Ali Zafar walked as the finale celebrity showstoppers for Diva’ni. The lighting especially was remarkable as it had been decorated according to the theme of Mughal era that showed all the creations in different tones from light to bright blare. The event with all its glamour brought together all the fashion industry including top designers, top models, journalists, bloggers and social media reporters.HSY, Ali xeeshan, Ali zafar, Nida Azwer, Abdullah Haris and many more were a part of the show. Models performed on the sound of legendary singer Rahat Fateh Ali khan and spell bound the audience.

The choreography was done by none other than the extra ordinate Hassan sheryar (HSY) who could be seen waving and directing the models while swaging on magical voice of the legendary singer Rahat. Like always the event was managed excellently and hats off to the Lotus PR team and the ushers, who managed the event in a very efficient way.