LAHORE - Foodies R Us is a unique food forum for the people who love to share their thoughts and ideas about the experiences they have with the different restaurants and different food.

It is the brainchild of Asad Sheikh who is now known as ‘Food guru of Pakistan’ among his followers.

He has created a room for all the food lovers to express the fondness and love they have for the food.

Foodies R Us is a widespread platform for bringing out the creativity and love for the food & cooking. It holds many competitions and contests as well.

This famous Facebook group has more than 40,000 members, including a lot of famous chefs, restaurant owners, nutritionists, food critics and food lovers from different backgrounds and places. The members share posts regarding homemade food, innovative recipes and their dine-in experiences. These food lovers called as foodies frequently arrange a get together called as ‘food-mob’.

Each month they meet up at a different restaurant to enjoy it’s food obviously, in the company of the food guru. While talking with The Nation, Asad Sheikh reveals its future plans regarding Foodies R Us.

What was the motivation behind this group, how did you think of starting this?

Food is best when its shared with others and in this case it’s best to inform others if one comes across something good..., or bad even in some cases. That was the idea behind starting Foodies R Us to share the food experience with others.

What do you feel about foodies R Us, where do you see it in future?

Foodies R Us has become the most engaged group of Pakistan with 44,000 members and we never chase numbers to add to our membership but the quality of members who are willing to engage themselves in the group.

What are unique strengths and qualities of Foodies R Us?

We have all top celebrity chefs from Pakistan and even from across the border. Majority of the master chef contestants from Pakistan and India are part of our group and our audience is not just Lahore based but is spread all over Pakistan and all over the world but majority members are Pakistanis

Your personal comments about foodies and its extensions [food mobs, one platter, YouTube channel]

We are taking food to a whole new level. We have so much raw talent that needs to be tapped into and we are doing that. Bringing out talent from every other kitchen and sharing their recipes in form of videos on YouTube under the channel called One Platter.