Pakistan is gripped with economic and political instability, while terrorism and criminal black economy haunts the security of life and state sovereignty. From the moment our establishment and their politically engineered politicians shelved Quaid’s vision for constitutional rule, this country is in a state of turmoil. Even Quaid’s adverse remarks were ignored to promote Ayub Khan and his self assumed elevation to Field Marshal, although his sole action was in Lord Profumo’s swimming pool, and not on the battlefield.

None of the major stake holders are interested in across the board accountability, or rule of law and welfare of people, because they all benefit from the status quo. In 1962, PM Nawaz’s government passed a controversial law allowing citizens holding foreign currency accounts to transfer their money abroad. Everybody criticised this law which facilitates money laundering but none of the politicians who came into power afterwards, including Benazir, Musharraf and his partners in PMLQ and MQM, and Zardari, made the effort to get rid of the law. In 1989, Benazir’s government held balloting for general public in CDA E12/4 but even after 27 years these plots have not been distributed. Similarly in 2009, DHA Islamabad held balloting open to civilians for plots in DHA Valley, but till date nobody has got possession.

Institutional comradeship and nexus of corruption ensured that no individual is punished, a precedent that must’ve been set in by now. When institutional ego, corporate interests, and individual greed shroud and shape national policies and foreign relations, and politicians elected to hold constitutional offices, or state employed servants, indulge in business ventures, economies and institutions collapse and state building or development of human resources becomes a casualty.

Just take case of Altaf Hussain who in 1984 burned the Pakistani Flag at Quaid’s Mausoleum, yet Zia considered him useful to confront PPP in Karachi, just like he patronised sectarian groups and promoted Biradari Politics to divide this nation, so that no national opposition could confront his dictatorial rule. Musharraf made a mockery of accountability, just like NS whom he ousted, by allowing NAB to be a Laundromat for corrupt persons willing to join his government. Both AZ and NS governments have followed suit in giving clean chits to financial criminals on basis of the much abused Plea Bargain.


Lahore, September 3.