Islamabad - Nomad Art Gallery will organise a collectors’ exhibition ‘Entanglement 2016’ presented by seven young printmakers tomorrow (Saturday).

In the exhibition the narratives are reflections of obstacles and challenges faced by girls and women in a patriarchal society, a press release said.

A young artist Ramsha Ikhlaq told that,”My work is a reflection of the daily obstacles faced by the female students of our society, when they leave the house to study or work; it just adds more responsibilities.”

“The main purpose of my work is to portray this struggle and also to motivate female students that the task to achieve the goals is difficult but not impossible” she added.

Another artist Anum Ahmed said. “Through the progression of time, one faces a considerable measure of changes, and has a great number of minutes that made one grin, stress, scared, joyous. Wrinkles are signs of the development of age as well as imply experience and close perceptions of time.”

An artist Saima Jamil said,” My work aims at depicting a metamorphosis in a stereotypical housewife’s life and how it can change the way we look at life in a positive way.”

Fatimah Sajid said while describing her work that “If you carry your childhood with you, you never became older” is the topic based on remembering some of the childhood memories of my past.”

“I always miss my childhood days as they were full of innocence and free from tension and worries. Today we are caught in a busy lifestyle and limit our acts due to responsibilities and we worry and burden ourselves about the society as to what they will think about us if we act in a childish way.” She added.