LAHORE (PR) - Punjab Mineral Development Corporation (PUNJMIN) will import state-of-the-art machinery to discover mineral resources of Punjab soon. All necessary arrangements are being finalised in this regard so the latest machinery can help for the promotion of society through mineral resources.

These views were presented by Chairman Punjab Mineral Development Corporation (PUNJMIN) Mian Numan Kabeer while meeting with the delegation of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and representatives of geologists. Managing Director PANJMIN Mian Ibrar Ahmad was also presented at this occasion.

Mian Numan Kabir added that Punjab is very rich in mineral resources. We can easily come over energy crisis through the help of our academia and business community in short period of time. World is experimenting with the latest and cheaper sources of energy whether our mother land is blessed with natural resources. Chairman PUNJMIN further said that Nature has blessed Pakistan with oil, gas and coal. We want that our business community may invest in this sector; by this results of economic development of our country can be got swiftly.

Unemployment will reduce by doing these measures and people will have more opportunities to work on. For better welfare of workers of PUNJMIN and their families, legislation is being processed speedily,he concluded.