LAHORE - Singer Sami Khan is popular among the young generation. He has to his credit many hit songs. He started singing at a very early age. He can play most of the musical instruments. He has a number of projects in pipeline. In an exclusive interview with The Nation he talks about his passion for music and what keeps him going. Following are excerpts of the interview:

When was the first time you realized that you are born to sing?

This question will get a funny answer…family member quote that the first thing I responded to after my birth was music, so that was the day my mom said he is going to grow up to do music only and I believe that is happening…music is not only my profession but is my passion.

How passionate you are when it comes to music?

The only thing that I love more than even my life is music. I have been doing it in every phase and state of life. You must have heard ‘Khanapeenabhooljana’, this is what happens to me once I am doing music. My work in studio is never bound by time, music keeps me so engaged that I actually don’t realize when moon goes down and sun comes up. I always try to create and produce a product with complete justification either it’s the lyrics, arrangements, composition or melody.

When you wrote your first song?

That’s an interesting question as I started writing in very early classes of school but I remember the first ever song that I wrote and composed was ‘jab say lari hay ankh mere tujh say’ and I was in class 7th by then. Though it was a very immature song, but I still have that with me because its not only a memory but a source of motivation for me.

You almost play all sort of instruments, since when did you start learning them?

Basically playing any instrument requires a sense of musical beat and notes. Some people have it naturally and some learn it. I have been lucky and blessed to have this sense since always. I would want to mention here few funny moments, that my passion always got me in trouble in my home during my childhood as I used to break down different things to mold them into musical instruments but I managed to produce notes of different songs, through them though my these activities always got me troubles initially but later on were always appreciated. After growing up my desire to learn instrument kept on enhancing I started buying different instruments, started experimenting and learning myself.

You also worked with ISPR, how did that go?

I consider myself lucky to get a chance of working with ISPR. That was a completely new experience, as I have always been an extremely patriotic person so working with this great department was not only a work experience but was much beyond that. Every individual involved in the project was so helpful; the entire environment was so friendly yet extremely disciplined that you actually feel that these are the ways even the civilians should adopt, as doing anything successfully is not possible without practicing discipline.

“Main YaadAounga” is still loved by so many, what was the inspiration behind it?

I think Yaad Aon Ga is still loved because even every word of this song is written with entire purity. Many people ask me did you write it after some very intense break up.This always makes me laugh. There was no matter of any girl or break up in this song. I wrote this song in my late teen age. I was always very much loved by people around, so once I was fell terribly sick, and was hospitalized back in Peshawar, stayed unconscious for long time. When I came back to my senses I witnessed a very filmy scene that my room was filled by people of colony and school, belonging to every age group. That day I realized how much blessed I am to have this much of love from so many of people. That was the time when I wrote this song.

You have produced many OST songs for different drama serial, which one was your personal favorite?

That’s hard to answer as I put in an equal effort in producing every song. As I stay deeply involved in every song from step one till it gets finalized so my affiliation with every song is always alike.

How do you see Pakistani music industry for a fresh artiste?

I feel whatever form of art it is it has to be pure, creative and should be produced with a defined focus. Talking about industry I would want to mention that it’s not just about music industry, wherever you go, place for best is always empty. So yes fresh artists can always make their way to the peak but one thing they should never practice is copying the stuff, they should have their own charm, their own charisma which can stand of the crowed.

You worked so hard up till now, what keeps you going in tough times?

Well time is never stays same for anyone, ups and downs hit every individual but the thing that supports you to move out of it and stay stable is your defined focus. Decide things for youmost importantly develop strategy and start working on that regardless of anything. This is what I always did, no doubt I have witnessed countless good and bad times but I never gave up, kept going with a strong faith and today I am very thankful to Almighty for blessing me so much.

On what projects you are working on now?

There are many things in pipeline both as a producer and singer. There are 4 video of my songs that are planned to be released this year, audio of all of them is completed, we have done videos of two which will be released in the upcoming two months and the rest of two are planned to be released after them.

‘Jay Mein Janda’ will be my next release which is going to be shot in 3 different countries by One Frame media & PR which is also going to be released in INDIA.Moreover, I have been offered 2 different songs from INDIA and soon you will see me on Bollywood screens. In coming week we are going to release a cover song ‘NeelaAasman So Gaya’ to tribute a living legend Amitabh Bachan.

What significance music holds in your life?

Well for me music is as important as oxygen.

Where do you want to see yourself in coming years?

Being an artist I believe that art has no boundaries of learning, I want to keep learning and keep producing for my people and country and for all the music lovers across the globe.

Is there anything Sami Khan wants to be other than a musician?

Hmm…never even thought of anything other than a musician, but yes one thing I would want to do not other than but along with music is writing. There are so many thoughts I have in my mind a good sketch of converting them into words as well, so I would love to write a book expressing all I have in my mind. Yeah that’s all I’ll do if I do anything ever, not other than but along with music.