LAHORE - Major opposition parties in the parliament believe that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif missed some important points in his speech at the UN General Assembly as he stood to plead Pakistan’s case on Kashmir the other day.

Though they have appreciated the prime minister for highlighting the Kashmir issue at the world’s highest forum, but still some of their leaders had points to criticize him especially on his choice to ignore India for latter’s direct involvement in terrorism inside Pakistan.

Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Syed Khurshid Shah yesterday said that prime minister’s stance on Kashmir should have been “more explicit and much more forceful”. He said Indian involvement in terrorism in Pakistan was an open secret now after the arrest of Indian spy, Kulbhushan Yadav from Balochistan. The PM should have mentioned this in his speech, he said, adding that it would have been better had he taken all political parties into confidence before pleading Pakistan’s case on Kashmir before the world body.

Pakistan People’s Party-Parliamentarians’ Vice-President Senator Sherry Rehman said that PM Sharif should have informed the world leaders about India’s active interference in Balochistan. She also said that Nawaz Sharif forgot to use the word, “Genocide in Kashmir” in his speech on that occasion. “He did not even mention the name of Indian spy, Kulbhushan Yadav who has testified India’s direct involvement in terrorism inside Pakistan,” she stated.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokesperson Dr Shireen Mazari on Thursday criticised the prime minister for not telling the world that India was sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan. She also raised the point that PM should have mentioned in his speech the name of Indian RAW operator, Kulbhushan Yadav whose arrest was a testimony to India’s connections with terrorists in Pakistan.

Nonetheless, PTI’s Vice-Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi termed PM’s speech ‘comprehensive’ covering all aspects of the Kashmir issue. “We may have differences with PM Nawaz Sharif on so many issues, but all political parties share the same stance on Kashmir,” he remarked.  

JI Amir Sirajul Haq appreciated the prime minister for pleading Pakistan’s case on Kashmir, but expressed his dismay over his choice to keep off Indian involvement in terrorism. He also thought that PM should have mentioned the name of Indian spy caught in Balochistan.

PML-N leaders greatly admired the address of Prime Minister Sharif at the UNGA terming the same first time in the history when a Pakistani leader has pleaded the freedom case of Kashmiris so forcefully and boldly and showed like a true leader of the Muslim world.

Senior leader and chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the party, Muhammad Mehdi said the prime minister’ address had double edge effect of highlighting atrocities being committed by the Indian forces on the innocent people in occupied Kashmir as well as shedding light on the overall plight of the Muslims in the world at the hand of imperialistic and self-centered policies of the major players. Mehdi said the forcefully the prime minister pleaded for sending an international fact finding mission to Held Kashmir to get firsthand knowledge of the brutalities of the Indian troops and his stress on the implementation of the UN resolutions to hold plebiscite in Kashmir, find no parallel in the past. Going beyond, the prime minister effectively touched the Palestine issue and overall situation in the Arab world, with special reference to Syrian situation, which showed that Pakistan stands not only for solving the regional problems inflicting the Muslims but in the whole world, he added.

The PML-N city president Muhammad Pervez Malik and secretary Imran Nazir described the PM address as convincing and substantive wherein he effectively highlighted the Kashmir issue at the international forum. They said the PM had told the world ground facts in the occupied Kashmir and laid stress for granting the right to self-determination to Kashmiris as per the UN resolutions. The PM also warned the world of the danger from the extremist outlooks of the Indian government at the same time checking the aggressive mood of India against Pakistan saying, India will get a befitting response to any misadventure against Pakistan. They said the prime minister made it clear to India that it will face serious consequences if it dared cross the Red Line. In a nutshell, PM Nawaz Sharif exposed the gruesome face of India to the world side by side informing it what evil designs India hides behind the innocent face, they added.