Order and discipline have got the status of “sine qua non” in all walks of life. Sans them, nothing can be impossible. Previously, everything was read and learned from books and there were authentic publishers who would acknowledge everything in the book.

But, now with the advent of science, especially of “Google” the trend has changed, now we can conduct to millions of searches within the span of seconds. But, as it is said, “excess leads to harm”. The saying is turning to be veracious.

Commonly, social sciences, especially, languages are less logical than natural sciences and due to this Google’s plenty results have wrought havoc in the understanding of languages and distinguishing between right and wrong. I have gone through many of the grammar books and one of them is deemed as “the Bible of English grammar” yet, Google results do not agree with that book.

In such state of thing, an English instructor faces inundation of difficulties and is even challenged by many students who come up with sources from Google. Google gives hypothetical and tentative results in which many of them are most often wrong and ambiguous. There must be check and balance and sound rules and regulations on Google searches as well.

We being teachers know what is upside down and inside out. But, sometimes it puts the teacher into a difficult position to make all students understand and get them out of confusion. Order and discipline should prevail in all aspects of life to drive away bafflement and dissensions. As a famous proverb goes,

“Order is the first law of Heaven”.


Mirpurkhas, September 8.