Despite of a foreign citizenship, for 57 years she directed all her efforts to make Pakistan a peaceful and a cheerful country. Due to her relentless attempts, Pakistan was de-cleared by the WHO (World Health Organization) to have controlled leprosy, making it one of the first countries in Asia to do so. Not only Pakistani’s from every nook and cranny, but citizens from Pakistani neighborhood countries came to her for treatment. Actually she was going back to Germany, but when she saw that morbidity of leprosy escalating increasingly she let slide to get Germany back.  

Benazir Bhutto, Quaid-e-Azam, Liaqat Ali Khan, and many more who only thought Pakistan advancement as same as Ruth Pfau, also submitted admirable deeds for Pakistan’s advancement. Actually Ruth Pfau was the symbol of selflessness and was another mother Teresa. So as a whole theologically, politically and socially these peoples’ hardships should never be forgotten and their birthdays and death anniversaries should be celebrated as Pakistan’s Independence Day. 


Kech, September 8.