Curiosity and technology are big weaknesses for anyone in today’s world, especially the youths of both genders are involved in playing videos game which not only make them weak mentally also video game like Blue Whale can force them to take their own lives themselves by following the rules and regulations of this suicidal video game which killed many people worldwide especially in Russa. Recently Federal Information Technology (IT) Minister Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui has shown the interest to put a ban on suicidal video games like the Blue Whale and Momo challenge throughout the country by claiming that developing, sharing and using such software will be a crime under the Cyber Crime Act and action will be taken against guilty hands.

According to a study the deaths attributed to blue whale have reached a count as high as 130 suicides in Russia alone, and quite a couple of cases have been registered in Khyber Pakhtukhwa last year. The taken step deserves our appreciation since these suicidal games seemed sham to many, and people continuously contested the legitimacy of claims made against the game. We believe that after this great step there will be also awareness campaign everywhere in the county to educate every citizen of the country.


Turbat, September 3.