Drastic environmental damages have become a great threatening challenge to the health and prosperity of the entire globe. Global warming is at rise causing numerous fatalities: bringing floods and other natural calamities, rise in the tenure of hot seasons every next year as Ozone depletes with vigor escalation of Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), rising incurable diseases caused by cosmic rays as pollution increases, and the like undefined calamities.

Praisingly, many organizations- which have basic objective of growing and expanding their own value by generating huge profits- are taking cooperatively active measures against such damages- i.e., making production by applying contra-harming strategies and introducing echo-friendly products in the market.

Regretfully, the public- which is a front-line confronting element of the society to all these fatal attacks-, however, is still in a deep sleep. That is, they focus less and less on echo-friendly products-that are a bit costly than that of common products- and more and more on common products. They subordinate their long-term benefits: to live in healthy environment, to the short-term ones in order to get cheaper products.

Considering the beauty of our lives and the health of the environment for coming generations, it is our collective responsibility to cooperate actively with the corporations and every other echo-friendly environmental organization.


Naudero, September 3.