The Polyclinic management has allegedly started pressure tactics against the female staffer who had a complaint against the assistant executive director for his allegedly abusive attitude against them to return their complaint.

More than 30 female staffers had filed a complaint against Assistance Executive Director (AED) Dr. Farooq Akhtar for using abusive language and misbehaving with them. Even though a couple of days have gone by since the complaint was registered, no action has been taken against the suspected medical officer.

Dr. Farooq began putting pressure on the applicants through security officers to coerce the staffers to withdraw their complaints. Sources said that when Dr. Farooq failed to force them, he began targeting staffers individually.

Dr. Farooq warned female para-medical staffers that departmental action would be taken against them if they failed to file a complaint against their colleague who initiated the original complaint against the AED. Reports say that the Poly Clinic management was backing Dr. Farooq in coercing female staffers to file complaints against their colleague and original complainant.