ISLAMABAD-Islamabad police arrested 8,623 outlaws during the ongoing year and recovered looted valuables worth more than Rs668.56 million from them.

According to the police officials, the arrests were a result of the police’s accelerated efforts against anti-social elements. Renewed efforts were made and police achieved remarkable success during the year.

According to the details, 285 robbery cases were traced and 512 persons were arrested besides recovery of looted items worth Rs7.58 million including gold ornaments from them. The police also nabbed 582 culprits involved in 378 cases of street crime and theft while looted items worth Rs176.69 million were recovered from them. As many as 109 persons were held for their involvement in 147 cases of car theft while 131 vehicles were also recovered from them. Likewise, 168 bike lifters were held besides recovery of 138 bikes from them and 108 persons were held for their involvement in tampering of vehicles and 130 vehicles were also recovered from them. The police also arrested 1084 absconders during the same period including 467 proclaimed offenders and 617 absconders.

Moreover, the police nabbed 1070 accused for their involvement in bootlegging and drug-peddling activities while 314.362 kilogram hashish, 40.65 kilograms heroin, 7.47 kilograms opium, 4.850 kilograms ice, 11 grams cocaine and 14,150 wine bottles were recovered from them.

Islamabad police launched special crackdown against those involved in supplying drugs at educational institutions and nabbed seven persons after registering seven cases against them. A total of 5.410 kilogram hashish and 325 gram heroin were recovered from them.

The police also arrested 702 persons for having illegal weapons and recovered 57 Kalashnikovs, 23 carbines, 581 pistols and 10,209 rounds from them. A total of 14 blind murder cases were also traced and 28 persons involved in these cases were nabbed during the reporting period.

During special campaign against professional alms seekers, 7661 beggars were arrested while 424 habitual culprits were also held. The police also nabbed 112 persons red-handed when they were planning to commit robberies.

As many as 38 foreigners were also arrested under Foreigners Act for residing illegally in the country. In addition, 261 culprits were held for being involved in aerial firing and 97 cases were registered against them. The police nabbed 185 gamblers and 30 cases were registered against them while 96 persons, after registration of 24 cases, were arrested for their involvement in ‘sheesha’ smoking.

As many as 846 persons were arrested over violation of Section 144 and 256 cases were registered against them. Twelve persons were arrested for having fake currency while 138 persons were arrested for their alleged involvement in immoral activities cases.

Forty three persons were arrested for selling unhygienic food while 87 persons were arrested for selling petroleum products in various areas of the capital illegally. The police also held one person over violation of Amplifier Act.