Urdu language is recognition of Pakistan nation and its culture. We could see the major cities like Karachi and Punjab in where the medium of teaching at government schools is English in many schools and even in primary schools as well. It is really tough for kids to understand the English language since the mother tongue is Urdu.

I appreciate Punjab government that understand the problems of kids and announced that coming March 2020 the medium of teaching at government primary schools will switch from English to Urdu, reversing a system introduced by Shahbaz Sharif setup a decade ago. The survey was conducted in 22 district, all of which favoured a shift to Urdu. The survey also presupposes Urdu as the mother tongue of both teachers and students. Yet, in an age of awareness and eager assertion of ethnic identities and the right to speak native language, it is remarkable how Urdu is conveniently passed off as a kind of universal mother tongue of all Pakistanis.

Me as a Baloch suggests the government to make the medium of teaching at government primary schools such a language which should be understandable for kids that is non other than Urdu.