Everyone is equal in eyes of law seems a myth in our country. There is clearly one set of rules for the rich and powerful that includes the politicians, government officers, judiciary, armed forces, bureaucracy and the rich.

Another set of rules apply for ordinary citizens of Pakistan. While an ordinary citizen can rot in jail for years without even getting a chance to appear before court, the rich and powerful can either escape the country, get pre-arrest bail, or get VIP treatment in jail. Most surprising is that the moment a big politician or a powerful person is arrested, he / she falls sick. Politicians running hectic political campaigns in a moment fall prey to a mysterious sickness that only strikes when there is a risk of arrest.

The politicians pressure the government and judiciary through the protest of their workers alleging political victimization. Currently, all the politicians facing trial or investigation are crying victimization. Those in jail are falling prey to the mysterious jail related sickness. However, I would like to commend Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Miftah Ismail, who are bravely facing the charges and have not tried to hide behind any excuse.

Others are using every trick in the book to blackmail the government and judiciary to have the charges dropped or are flocking to hospitals to get cure of their jail related syndrome treated. Those who are not sick are complaining about lack of facilities in jail as if they are not under arrest, but on vacation. I wonder why then we claim that law everyone is equal in eyes of law.