It emerged on Monday that the family of Nimrita Chandani, who was found dead in her hostel room on September 16, has refused to lodge First Information Report (FIR) against the alleged murder case of the girl.

The family cited their concern about getting justice in the case which led them to refusing the registration of an FIR. As per the grieving family, they had rejected Nimrita’s postmortem report because it was not based on facts, in the similar context, they were unwilling to lodge an FIR, fearing to be meted out injustice in the case.

Police had arrested two suspects in the case, Ali Shan Memon and Mehran Abro, who were close friends and classmates of Nimrita.

During the investigation, Abro admitted about the romantic involvement with Nimrita, but the former’s parents refused to marry them off which kept the deceased girl in a state of constant depression and anxiety.

Nimrita was also reported to be seeing a doctor to cure her depression. Nimrita was very closed with Abro’s family and she used to stay at his friend’s place on the weekends.

More than 70 witnesses have recorded their statements in the case so far, however, the judicial probe could not be initiated yet.