SHIKARPUR  -   Two people were shot dead and three others injured within the precincts of Hamayun police station in Jagan town on Tuesday. According to rescue sources, a group of armed men opened fire with automatic weapons on its rival group’s men sitting at a local tailor master shop in the town. As a result, two persons identified as Nadir Ali Eessani, aged 30, and Lal Muhammad Eessani, 25, were killed on the spot while in exchange of fire, three persons, including two road passers Akbar Ali and Wazir Marfani, received serious bullet injuries. The area police with the help of other villagers shifted the bodies and injured to RBUT Civil Hospital Shikarpur for autopsies and treatment, respectively.

The relatives of deceased persons blamed that their enemy group men belonging to Raza Muhammad Eessani attacked and killed their loved ones.

The cause behind the murders was said to be an ongoing old dispute between two rival Communities of Shahzado Eesani and Raza Muhammad Eessani groups which was developed over a matrimonial matter some two years ago in which husband and wife were also killed. No FIR was registered till the filing of this report.