Marriage is not just an occasion of tying the knot of two souls. It is one of the hardest decision which has to be taken wisely from two souls (persons). It needs different types of compromise, where if the journey has to be successful, there needs to be a strong bond. Unfortunately, our society ignores the willingness, the parents of our societies want a hasty decision and try to get their children married as soon as possible. They neglect many necessaries and responsibilities which both the bride and groom should have before they accept each other for the rest of their life,

Problems include marrying the one who is not financially stable and also can’t handle such a critical relation. In result, they destroy both lives as well as their children.

I am glad to know a great social activist Meena Baloch is working on this that such action should be stopped and has asked the government to pass the bill of stopping child early marriage cases in Balochistan.