ISLAMABAD - Centre for Aerospace and Security Studies (CASS) on Tuesday arranged a discussion session with the Russian Ambassador on the topic of "Pakistan-Russia Relations: Prospects for the Future."

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador of Russian Federation Danila V. Ganich highlighted that Pakistan was a valued and significant partner for Russia, given its role in regional politics, influence in the Muslim world and geo-strategic location, said a CASS media release. The Russian Ambassador stated that Russia, like Pakistan, does not want an arms race in the region and outer space as well.

He added that Russia was eager to invest $1.7 billion in the Karachi-Lahore gas pipeline, which would be a landmark project for the progress of the region.

The Ambassador stressed that Russia and Pakistan were on the same page about respecting the sovereignty of states in this multipolar world, and were against any steps taken in the guise of humanitarian pretexts.

He also remarked that the present Afghan government does not reflect the aspirations of the Afghan people. He said that Russia, like Pakistan, does not want instability and chaos on its border, and underscored that several factors were hampering the current peace process, including upcoming US elections and the desire of Afghan government to preserve its power.

Delivering his Concluding Remarks and Vote of Thanks, President CASS, Air Chief Marshal (Retd) Kaleem Saadat shared that while Pak-Russia ties may have had their ups and downs, they are deeply rooted.

While discussing Kremlin’s relations with India, especially in the arms sector, President CASS argued that there are certain times in history when one cannot remain on the sidelines, as this is not the time for ideological rigidity or commercial self-interests.