LAHORE - The Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) has launched the rehabilitation project of 25 roads in Misri Shah and Data Nagar localities, mostly fall into the area of Walled City, at the cost of around Rs 266 million in the City. With the completion of 25 roads, World Bank funded 'Walled City project worth $10 million lying in darkness since long is likely to see the light of day once again. The Walled City project is aimed at to promote tourism and preserve the rich cultural and historical asset. Out of 25 roads, 17 roads fall into the locality of Misri Shah worth Rs 180 million while 8 hail from Data Nagar worth Rs 86 million. The FWO has started work on these roads in this week that will be completed within the short time period till June 30. The plans for these roads were though initiated in February, however, the imposition of Governors rule placed the plan in suspension. Final go ahead was given by mid April. The Punjab government has inked an accord with FWO for the rehabilitation of these roads after evaluating its performance regarding construction, remodelling, redesigning and widening of more than big and small 100 roads in the City. Another reason for awarding contract to the FWO is considered to be its qualitative work in the completion of 6 walled city roads including Bhatti Gate to Texali Gate, More Gate to Chowk Jhanda, Mochi Gate to Chowk Nawab Sahib, Shah Aalam to Chowk Rang Mehal, Akbari Gate to Akbari Mandi and Lahore Gate to Gumti Bazzar. The 4.663 longish roads were completed at the cost of Rs. 18.61 million last year. The 25 roads that will be rehabilitated include Ghoray Shah Road, Dilawar Road, Qayyum Road from Habib Chowk to PECCO Road, Faiz Bagh to Alamgir Road via Misri Shah along Ganda Nala, Chowk Neelam Chowk Cinema to Kachu Pura, Alamgir Road Misri Shah, Chowk Na Khuda to Neelam Cinema, Chowk Hide Market to Mian Bazar Faiz Bagh, Sheer Shah Road, Qamar Town to Kashmir Road, Green Park Ganda Nala to Bismillah Kanda, Elahi Baksh Road, PECO Road to Railway Godown, Malik Street Road, Qadoos Street Road, Mehmood Ghznavi Road, Mian Aslam Road, Raily Crossing road and Mian Bazar Data Nagar Road. In Misri Shah, three out of the 17 roads are of reinforced cement concrete (RCC) whereas rest are of Asphalt (black top) roads whereas all the eight roads of Data Nagar are RCC. Most of the roads are in bad condition due to the heavy use by the pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Exposure to water and moisture has been another damaging factor, as most of the area remains flooded after it rains which is highly damaging for the Citys internal roads having no proper rain and sewerage outlets. Some of the roads including Ghorey Shah Road and Katcha Rahim Road (Misri Shah) and Peco Rd Railway Godown and Elahi Buksh Road (Data Nagar) are withering away and they needed immediate rehabilitation. The rapidly expanding City focused the attention of Citys development towards the upcoming areas and the Misri Shah area in general remained ignored. However, after the general elections the area has again come into the limelight being the priority of the present government. There might be a test of skill here for FWO as rehabilitation of the 25 roads inside the citys congested areas is difficult due to the heavy rush and narrow passages, which might impede the movement of the material, machinery and the workforce. Encroachments in the already narrow streets further augment the problems and delay work. Another practical problem is unexpected underground situation about the sewerage and services (Sui Gas, water and cable connections etc) as what lies beneath the surface remains a mystery unless the road is dug up. Such unexpected works normally disturb the scheduled work programme. A four members committee comprising of the prominent citizens of that locality has been formulated to oversee the development work and to coordinate the various issues that creep up during road construction. FWO sources told The Nation on Thursday that all the on-going road development projects including Madar-e-Millat Road, Sabzazar Road, Garden Town Road and Model Town Link Road would be completed from August to November in 2009.They said that 60 percent work had already been completed while 40 percent work was expected to be completed within the stipulated time period.