Federal Minister for parliamentary affairs, Babar Awan has categorically said that Swat Darul Qaza would be under the Supreme Court and added that we dont want private court. Delivering speech in the national assembly, Babar Awan said that Darul Qaza by virtue of Article 2 of Nizam-e-Adl would be under the Supreme Court and declared we would not be blackmailed. He said Swat Qazi court would be a judicial office. He further said that the government didnt surrender in Swat and advised the people to remove their misgivings. He said that Pakistan was a country of 180 million people; it was not a chocolate that one could chew it away. Babar Awan made it clear that the institutions and the constitution of Pakistan were Islamic and no one could be declared 'Kafir by holding rallies, this has no provision in the constitution.