I must congratulate Pakistani authorities, both civilian and military, on taking a bold and more importantly, a correct stand in dealing with the 'dignitaries' from USA, Richard Holbrooke and Admiral Mike Mullen. From their performance in Iraq, we know that the US 'experts' are adept only in messing up things and creating new problems, where none existed before. Given half a chance, they will do the same here, on a much larger scale. The US delegates like to play up the involvement of persons from Pakistan in the Mumbai terrorist attack but refuse to discuss the Indian repression and mass murders that provoke such events. So, apart from lacking expertise, they are also short on integrity and honesty in dealing with issues. The US capacity at solving problems can also be judged very clearly from looking at the Palestinian-Israeli issue where their engagement over the last decade has produced little except sessions, seminars and conferences with nothing more than fooling around with the issue to do while the situation on the ground got from bad to worse. In view of the belligerent attitude of the US delegates, their lack of expertise and integrity, and their attempt to bulldoze their way through, they need to kept at a safe distance and it is just as well the Pakistani authorities expressed their views in no uncertain terms. -S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, via e-mail, April 8.