There have been a number of incidents in the recent past with scores of people falling prey to terrorist attacks, communal clashes, natural calamities and accidents. The attacks are mostly carried out by terrorists or religio-political groups. What is more surprising is that after doing all these cruel acts, they are also the ones that get all the media coverage. Even when there is an accident or a natural hit, the politicians grab all the attention. On the other hand, the victims are blacked out and mentioned only once in a blue moon after the incident. I think it's high time the media started focussing on the victims interviewing them to show the world what they are going through and how their lives have been devastated by the heinous acts of terrorism committed by insane people they don't even know. These interviews should also be shown to the captured terrorists or the jailed religio-political leaders to make them realize what have they actually done in the name of religion. -SARAH HASSAN, Karachi, via e-mail, April 11.