GENEVA (AFP) - The International Red Cross said Thursday that hundreds of civilians had been killed or wounded in Sri Lankas conflict zone in recent days, where even its aid workers were fleeing for their lives. The fighting is too close to civilians who are too often killed or wounded, International Committee of the Red Cross spokesman Simon Schorno told AFP. There have been hundreds of dead and wounded in recent days, he added. Of the 400 people the ICRC managed to evacuate from the fighting on Wednesday, the majority were seriously wounded. The agency has about 70 local staff in the northeastern coastal strip where Tamil Tiger rebels are cornered in a last ditch battle with advancing Sri Lankan forces. But they were often among those fleeing for their lives in the Vanni region along with their families, Schorno told AFP. More than 100,000 people have fled the area, according to the military. Between 15,000 and 20,000 civilians are still believed to be stuck there. The ICRC said it had witnessed the arrival of 33,000 people through the Omanthai crossing point on Wednesday. Aid workers said crowds of thousands of people were waiting on the roadside without water before they were registered by the army at crossing points. Schorno said there was a critical lack of infrastructure in camps for the displaced, which were not equipped for the numbers fleeing. The civilians had often managed to flee trenches where they had taken shelter during bombardments. A senior ICRC official earlier this week described conditions in the northeast as catastrophic and urged both sides to take exceptional measures to stop civilian casualties in artillery bombardments and let people flee.