LAHORE (APP) - The import of tractors will harm local industry which has already achieved 93 percent deletion to produce parts locally and having most efficient network of after market services. In a press statement, Iftikhar Ali Malik, former Chairman, Pakistan Automobile Spare Parts Importers and Dealers Association, PASPIDA, FPCCI and LCCI strongly opposed the import of 20,000 tractors in the wake of the indigenous Tractor Industry, working efficiently and with sufficient capacity to meet any quantity of demand. The imported tractors will not only be wastage of foreign exchange but a headache for the farmers because of the non-availability of parts and skilled mechanics for the maintenance of imported tractors, he observed. Iftikhar Malik said that gravity of situation was brought to the notice of the Federal Minister for Commerce and Federal Minister for Finance during various meetings. He said that import of tractors will damage the local industry, displace the labour and disturb the production schedule of an efficient Industry. He said if the government wants to give relief to the farmers they should give subsidy on the sale of local tractors. It will encourage the Tractor Industry, the vendors and ensure employment during the present global crisis and the international recession where labour lays off are frequent, he added. Malik termed this step totally damaging and urged the government to avoid importing assembled tractors by spending valuable foreign exchange. The incentives to farmers should be given through subsidizing the local industry, he added.