ISLAMABAD - Advisor to PM on Interior, Rehman Malik on Thursday told the Upper House in the in-camera session that migrant FATA militants, freedom movements and the last but not least involvement of foreign hands particularly of Afghanistan and India were the main causes behind the existing security turmoil in Balochistan, TheNation learnt reliably. According to reliable sources, in the in-camera session of the Upper House, the majority of the Senators from both treasury and Opposition benches advised the government to devise independent strategy to resolve the existing security turmoil of Balochistan and northwest Pakistani regions without bowing to any pressure from US and Taliban. As per sources, Advisor to PM on Interior Rehman Malik in around 7-hour long in-camera session told the parliamentarians that Afghanistan and India were fanning militancy in the restive province and also presented some documentary proofs before the House. Rehman Malik told the House that the law enforcement agencies had arrested many miscreants in Balochistan who had been trained in Afghanistan and India, said the sources adding that Malik also told the House that the murder case of three Baloch leaders was being probed by the court, therefore he would talk later in length about it. According to sources, many senators asked the government to address the issue of growing sense of deprivation among Baloch people. JUI-F senators were of the view that the government should introduce radical changes in its foreign policy to secure national security, said the sources. A source said that JUI-F parliamentarians held the opinion that militants were not untouchables and the government should also engage them in negotiations. Senators from Balochistan also staged a token walkout during the in-camera session, said the sources. The sources said that a number of Federal Ministers kept on attending the in-camera session while the Prime Minister did not participate in the session. Rehman Malik also presented evidence about involvement of Russia and Afghanistan in Balochistan situation during the in-camera session. He further informed the House about the training centres operating in Balochistan, arms supply to insurgents and their communication system, said the sources. Nevertheless the in-camera briefing could not quench the thirst of some lawmakers from Balochistan as Senator Shahid Bugti talking to media after the briefing said that he was not satisfied with the in-camera session and the information presented before the House was old and fake. Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo also expressed the same sentiments. On the other side, Senator Mir Mohabat Khan Marri from Balochistan talking to TheNation said that the in-camera session had exhibited the sincerity of the government in resolving the Balochistan crisis. The government is serious in resolving security turmoil of the province, he added. He said that the Balochistan issue was very complicated and the government needed to resolve issues of various tribes and regions separately. Senator Mir Wali Muhammad Badini from Balochistan talking to TheNation also hailed the in-camera briefing and said that the session was very informative. Actually, the existing crisis of Balochistan was created by Musharraf while the incumbent regime is sincere in putting off the fire of Balochistan, he added. Senator Professor Khurshid Ahmed of Jamaat-e-Islami talking to TheNation termed the exercise good and said that it was thorough presentation in which Advisor Interior gave answer to every raised critical question irrespective of the fact that it could satisfy parliamentarians or not. It was the consensus opinion of all the Senators that the time had arrived for action and to do something concrete to resolve Balochistan issue, he added. Dr Muhammad Ismail Buledi of JUI-F was not satisfied with the briefing. Talking to TheNation, Buledi said that the Senators had asked the government to heal the wounds of Baloch people and also assuage the anger of Sardars of the province to attain peace in Balochistan. The parliamentarians advised the government in the in-camera session that it was must for the government to arrest the killers of three Baloch leader to pacify the burning fire in the province, he added. JUI-F Senator Dr Khalid Mahmood Soomro talking to TheNation said that according to Advisor Interior some militants were migrating to Balochistan and had developed their pockets in the province and were involved in sabotaging peace in the province. According to Malik, second cause behind the present security mayhem in the province was the presence of some freedom movements while according to Advisor Interior third cause was involvement of foreign hands particularly of India and Afghanistan, Soomro added.