LONDON (AFP) - Oscar-winning British cinematographer Jack Cardiff has died aged 94, the British Film Institute said. Cardiff won his cinematography Oscar for the 1947 film Black Narcissus, which was directed by legendary duo Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. He received two more nominations in the same category for War and Peace in 1956 and Fanny in 1961. He was also nominated as a director for his 1960 adaptation of D H Lawrences Sons and Lovers. In 2001, his body of work was honoured with an Oscar for his lifetime contribution to the art of cinematography. Cardiff died at around 1:30am (0030 GMT) after a short illness, his family told the BFI. Jack Cardiff was a legend, said BFI Director Amanda Nevill. He was a world-class cinematographer who pioneered the techniques of shooting in Technicolor. He made a unique contribution to some of the greatest films ever made. Cardiff is survived by his wife Nikki and their son Mason, as well as sons John, Rodney and Peter from a previous marriage.