KARACHI - Militants are using Karachi as their financial facilitator, The Nation learnt on Thursday. According to the report, defunct militant organisations, engage in fight against security forces in various parts of NWFP, are remain reluctant to disturb the port City while considering it as a financial hub of the country. It is pertinent to mention here that scores of activists hailed from NWFP were charged in bank robberies, kidnapping for ransom, extortion and other crimes which they committed to generate funds in order to meet the financial demands of their organisations. On the other side, the spokesman of defunct Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Maulvi Umer, had reportedly termed Karachi as a financial hub of the country and refused to carry out terrorist attacks in the City. Karachi, which had been targeted by the militants in the fist phase, remained peaceful for the last two years which revealed that militants have been utilising the City for their illegitimate goals. SSP Fiyaz Khan, Crime Investigation Department (CID), while talking to The Nation told that militant organisations have adopted certain ways to get funds for their organisations which include robberies, kidnapping for ransom, fund collection from the mosques and foreign money arrival in the name of charity. It has been learnt through reliable sources that defunct organisations had gathered detail information about the people having sympathies with the Taliban and established contacts for financial aid. Source pointed out that some of them warmly welcome the association and started funding on the call of Taliban leader while few of them remained anxious because of the frequent demands by the leaders of the Taliban. A list was prepared by an intelligence agency identifying some 7 closed associates of Baitullah Mehsud, leader of defunct TTP, and also pointed out some 10 other main financiers of TTP present in Karachi. Taliban presently in Karachi have reportedly been taken oath of their loyalty from some people including Afser Mehsud, Yazistan Khan alias Hajji Mehsud, Haji Yanoodh Khan, Dost M Mehsud, his son Akber Mehsud, Sadiq alias Prince Mehsud, brother of police inspector Azam Mehsud, Daud Khan Mehsud, Haji Gull Rao, Haji Gul Khan, Karam Ali Mehsud and Mukhtar Khan. It is pertinent to mention here that most of them were residing here in Gadap Town while law enforcement agencies are unable to apprehend them because of lack of evidence. Source privy to the matter told that the aforementioned people have sound financial background. They have direct contacts with Baitullah Mehsud. The people involved in fund raising include Haji Rasool Khan, Rohay Dad Khan, Ameer Muhammad, Qayyum Khan, Liaquat Mehsud, Musa Khan and Namdar Khan. The report established by intelligence pointed out their phone numbers, addresses and commercial activities and also their association with the TTP. He further told that most of them have sympathies with the TTP while few of them follow the instructions of Baitullah Mehsud under compulsion as they have their families in Karachi and their hometowns where TTP dominates. Source added that there are number of people who were taken into custody and being investigated when their calls and connections with the TTP were intercepted but most of them confessed to send funds to the TTP because of pressure. The areas like Sohrab Goth, Memon Goth, Mangopir, Machar Colony, Afghan Camp, Ayub Goth and various other Pushtoon-dominated areas are providing shelter to the militants.