PESHAWAR - After consolidating their positions in Buner district, around 30 armed militants entered Alooch village in Puran area of Shangla district and started patrolling the area. Shangla is the third district after Swat and Buner where Taliban have entered following the enforcement of Nizam-e-Adl Regulation 2009. Fighters loyal to the fundamentalist Taliban, who were in power in Afghanistan from 1996 until they were ousted in a US-led invasion in 2001, have also moved into adjacent Shangla district, local lawmaker Fazal Ullah said. The gradual expansion of Taliban towards other areas, apart from Swat, Malakand division and Buner, has struck terror into the hearts of the local residents. A large number of families are now leaving their homes for safer places in other parts of the country. Earlier, another group of the armed militants visited the Totalai town again. They directed the local people to follow Islamic norms and do not extend support to the government. Later, the militants attacked a police check-post at Chngla town and occupied it without any resistance. However, they left the check-post afterwards, but took away arms and other belongings from there. They also later released a police man whom they had abducted form the check-post.