PESHAWAR - Armed militants attacked the NATO supplying oil tankers in Chamkani area and set six oil tankers on fire early Thursday morning. Sources said that dozen of Taliban attacked the oil tankers being parked in Chamkani area, they fired several rockets and hurled petrol bomb inside the oil tankers. Fire broke out in the area, which extended to other vehicles. The security guard present on the occasion made his escape from the site when he saw the armed militants. Sources informed that pelting of patrol bombs led to fire flames all over the site, causing destruction to six oil tankers. In the meantime, police force arrived too late. The fire flames were visible till Thursday morning and hundreds of people rushed to the site. After, the incident heavy contingent of police rushed towards the spot and cordoned off the area. The fire brigade reached the spot and after eight hours they succeeded in extinguishing fire. Meanwhile, militants also fired several mortars in Adezai village, which resulted in damage of six houses of common people. Those persons whose houses were damaged including the house of Gul Hussain son of Khan Mir, house of Badal son of Qaiser Khan, Moosa Khan, Spir Gul son of Nek Alam Jangriez Khan son of Moosa Khan and Khan Wali son of Jamal Jan. The attacker made their escape successfully while police lodged FIR against the unknown militants.