ISLAMABAD - Pakistan on Thursday took a strong notice of unwarranted remarks by Israeli Foreign Minister that it was a threat to the world saying any effort to malign Islamabad would never succeed. We have taken a strong exception to the remarks which are unwarranted, said the Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit while addressing his weekly press briefing. He said, Any efforts to malign or isolate Pakistan will not succeed, Pakistan is moderate and progressive nation. He said Pakistan was an active member of the international community in war against terrorism. This resilient nation will soon overcome the challenges it is confronting, he said. He said the international community fully backed Pakistan in its efforts against the menace of terror and it was recently demonstrated in the Friends of Pakistan meeting held in Tokyo. The world has full faith in the abilities and strength of Pakistan to sail through the difficult time, Basit said. Answering a query about the US Secretary of State Hilary Clintons remarks about serious threats to Pakistan from the Taliban, he said the people and Government of Pakistan fully understood the complexities and challenges confronting the country as well as the region. He said that it was precisely for that reason that Pakistan firmly believed in a holistic approach to deal with those problems. There is a need for a well integrated approach to tackle the issue of extremism and terrorism and to root out its causes including political, security and socio-economic aspects, Basit said. Pakistan continued to play a positive and constructive role in the war against terror, he said adding Islamabad was victim of terrorism and with its inherent national resilience and strength the country would succeed both against internal and external threats. He said that Pakistans problems and challenges were spillover effects of prolonged war and conflict in Afghanistan. To another query on US drone attacks on the tribal areas, the spokesman said there was a gap between Pakistan and the United States over predator attacks adding Pakistan would take up the issue once again during the upcoming trilateral meeting of Islamabad, Kabul and Washington to be held in Washington in the first week of May. Responding to a question, he said it was important to find solution to all the outstanding problems with India including the Kashmir dispute. He said, Pakistan and India should sit together and in all seriousness try to resolve the long-standing issues including Jammu and Kashmir dispute. When asked about the implications of Indian spy satellite for Pakistan, the spokesman said Pakistan was facing high premium on maintaining the strategic stability in South Asia. It has repeatedly underscored the need for a comprehensive strategic restraint regime which is in the fundamental interest of the people of the region, he said. He hoped that India and international community would be mindful of the imperative needs of addressing the pressing issues facing the region. Pakistan was mindful of the challenges posed to its security by induction of new technology and weapons system by India, Basit said. Implications of Indian satellite are being evaluated, he said. He, however, assured that Pakistan was fully capable of safeguarding its security. To a question, he said Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) had already been banned by the United Kingdom and some other European nations. He said Pakistan would provide legal assistance to students facing deportation from Britain after being arrested in anti-terror raids and released when no charge was proved against them. He said there was legal recourse available to them and we would assist them if needed. He said Islamabad was in close touch with British authorities on the issue, and the things were moving and there was some progress. He said, We hope to resolve this issue to our mutual satisfaction.