KARACHI - A meeting of the board of directors of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) is scheduled for April 27 to discuss financial and other important pending issues of the mills, said the source. The source added that during the meeting financial statement of the Steel Mills for the current fiscal would be approved. The CBA will present their charter of demand in the meeting, which discusses the short and long term benefits for the workers. Budget proposed for the welfare of workers by CBA comprises of about Rs 1.5 billion. The amount of Rs 150 million is allocated for the benefit of Junior Officers (JOs) on yearly basis. He added that the maintenance plan of the plants at the Steel Mills would also be discussed in the meeting. The pending issue of the promotions of JOs will also be solved, as the PSM chairman has assured his support and cooperation on this issue. It is the demand of these JOs that inter-departmental promotions and financial benefits should be allowed to them. The JOs should be promoted to assistant officers according to their education and experience in the Steel Mills and it should be started from 2005. It is worth noting that these JOs are at the key posts at the plants in Steel Mills, they are very experienced and technically trained workers. The PSM chairman has met few of the senior officials of PSM a week ago and they have recommended some changes in the meeting agenda. An official of the PSM said that the financial demands that have been proposed by the committee formed for resolving the JOs issues are beyond chairmans jurisdiction. The chairman had forwarded the matter to the Ministry, which has sent it back to the chairman for approval from the board of directors. After this meeting, it will be approved and the long pending issue will be solved. It is noteworthy that these JOs have been waiting for their promotions since last 20 years. They are highly skilled workers who have been changed forcefully to junior officers in 1992. Upon their protest, the management of Pakistan Steel has formed a committee consisting of management of Pakistan Steel, CBM and representatives of junior officers, two members from each group. This committee has planned out a policy in order to resolve the issue. The policy was approved by the PSM chairman on November 28, 2008. This forceful act abolished the due rights of these JOs, including lesser house rents, out of which 20 percent amount is still awaited. Medicines and its limits have been reduced. These rights are being given to the other lower staffers but denied to skilled workers whom the management has promoted as officer. They demanded the management that it should notify the fact that working under same condition; junior officers compare their benefits with other workers. The difference in benefits and other due rights among the employees of the same organization has largely affected the working ability of the workers. In order to have industrial stability, the management of Pakistan Steel should work to resolve these problems.