LAHORE - Two robbers shot dead in an 'encounter with SHO Sanda and other policemen two days back, have been identified as Hashim Arif of Jhang and Adnan of Sargodha. According to a press release, the modus operandi of the two alleged robbers was to shoot first on the citizens. Following this 'ideology, they had injured everybody whom they had deprived of valuables during street crimes. A couple of months back, the said robbers injured a citizen in Shahdara. Some minutes later they again wounded another one on Bund Road and then a lawyer near Chauburji Chowk. In all these incidents, the outlaws shoot the innocent citizens first before snatching away their belongings. Sanda police killed them in 'encounter when they shot injured Nawab Din and his son Muhammad Ashraf following the same 'philosophy of shoot first. They were fleeing after looting the two before being killed by the policemen. Meanwhile, SSP Operations Chaudhry Shafiq Ahmad has announced cash and commendatory certificates for the raiding party. Another injured in Manawan incident dies Another injured constable of Manawan Police Training School breathed his last at Lahore General Hospital on Thursday. Recruit, Muhammad Kamran, 22, was shifted in the hospital with critically injuries he sustained in the terrorists deadly attack on Police Training School on March 30. On Thursday morning he however succumbed to injuries. Police offered his funeral prayer at Police Lines Qila Gujjar Singh and handed over the body to his family after autopsy. SP orders proper maintenance of weapons SP Mujahid Squad Capt (r) Rommel Akram has directed the officials to keep their weapons neat and clean for proper use to avoid any untoward incident especially during VVIP duties. He issued these instructions on Thursday during a briefing about the arms being used by the squad and Elite Force during VVIP duties on the roads. The briefing was aimed at ensuring safety of the lives and properties of the government officers and other VVIP personalities during their movement and at their offices and residences. SP Mujahid also issued special directions to Riaz Hussain, In-charge of the Ammunition Store, to re-examine the official weapons and clean all the guns such as G3 rifles, Semi Automatic and SMGs. He also instructed him to submit a comprehensive report about the rusty and useless weapons stored in the department. elected National Council of Churches in Pakistan (NCCP) has elected Bishop Azad Marshal as new president during its 59th session. According a press release, the members of NCCP unanimously elected Azad Marshal to the slot and also recommended continuation of the services by Victor Azariah as general secretary of the council. It is important to note that NCCP represents all the Protestant Churches in Pakistan as well as 14 other Christian organisations.