KARACHI - MQM minority member Stephen Asif Peter on Thursday provided detailed account of the violent events that occurred on Wednesday in Taiser Town in which a young Christian boy was killed and a number of others injured while property was ransacked during a clash between the Pakhtoon community and the Christian community. The Sindh Assembly took the unprecedented step of observing one minute silence to mourn the death of Master Irfan Masih who was killed by a bullet of a miscreant during the clash. Speaking on the floor of Sindh Assembly, Peter accused the Pakhtoon community of attacking the houses of the minority community and maltreating their women folk. The two communities used firearms to attack each other, he said. He alleged that the violence between the two communities erupted when some unknown elements painted slogans on the wall of the church of the area in which it was demanded of the minority community to pay Jaziya (tribute). He accused the area SHO and the picket in-charge of their involvement in the incidents that had cost a life. ANP minister Ameer Nawab was also present in the house. Speaking in an emotionally choked voice, he said that the Christian community had also sacrificed for the creation of Pakistan but unfortunately time had come when it had been asked to pay Jizya. Pakistanis and the government should work to bring inter communal harmony and to give security to the minority community which is toiling hard to eek out a living under the prevailing difficult financial condition. He demanded protection to the property and life of the Christian community and to their places of worship. PPP minority member Saleem Khursheed Khokhar said that the Taiser Town incident was a serious matter and urged the government to order judicial inquiry into the incident. Speaking in support of Christian community, Sindh Law Minister Ayaz Soomro said that the concerns of the community would be addressed and the government would provide protection to the members of the community and to their worship places. Whatever had happened in the Taiser Town seems to have occurred under a planned conspiracy and the coalition government will deal the matter with iron hands and will not allow anyone to take the law in their hands and to create law and order situation in the province. Soomro announced that the SHO and picket in-charge of the area have been suspended forthwith and inquiry would be held. He said that 90 per cent of Christian community had always been with the PPP which had promised equal and even treatment to all the communities particularly to the Christen community. He said the phenomenon of the so-called Talibanisation was in the tribal area. Sindh is the land of Sufis and saints and no one would be allowed to sabotage the peace in the province, he declared. He said that police and intelligence agencies had come into action and were collecting information and inquiring into the incident, adding exemplary punishment will be awarded to those found involved in the incident. MQM member Abdul Haseeb demanded security to the worship places and also for the holy shrines located across the province. ANP Minister Ameer Nawab condemned the Taiser Town incident and termed it a conspiracy. He said that anyone can painted the slogan Taliban Zindabad and demanded inquiry into the incident. PML-Q lady member Nuzhat Pathan said that heavy and intermittent firing in Gulistan Johar was disturbing the peace of the area during nights. People cannot have comfortable sleep due to fear and the noise of the gunfire.