This is an open letter for Colonel Puri of the Indian Army. Dear Colonel Puri Instead of advising the Pakistan Army on what to do in Swat, please concentrate on the Indian Army, which has had record number of suicides and desertions in the last 3 years. Moral and financial corruption is rampant among the senior Indian Army generals who take kickbacks even in the procurement of rations for their soldiers. Funds meant for coffins of Indian soldiers killed in Kargil were embezzled and Indian Army officers were caught smuggling diamonds while on UN peacekeeping duties in Sierra Leone and Congo. Involvement of serving Indian Army officers in the Samjhota Train Express massacre is another shining example of your Army's new role in sponsoring state terrorism. Let me tell you it is not an insurgency you are facing in Kashmir but a determined freedom struggle of the Muslims of that occupied territory. How long will you suppress their movement for right of self-determination? You advise the Pakistan Army to drop an atom bomb in Swat? The Indian Army takes pride in raping over 80,000 innocent Kashmiri women, an act more barbaric than dropping an atom bomb. If September 6, 1965 was the real test of the so-called professionalism of the Indian Army - which was battered at the Lahore front by only an infantry company of brave Pakistan Army soldiers - the December 16, 1971 was surely the true reflection of the fact that Indian relied more on deceit than fighting their enemy in the true traditions of military warfare. Why forget your Kargil nightmare, where the Indian Army was given a beating that continues to haunt the Indian leadership and your Army. What stopped the great Indian Army from crossing the borders where it had assembled twice in the last seven years to teach us a lesson? Do you think the Indian Army can befool the world about its covert presence in south and southeast Afghanistan along our borders and about its overt support for the militants in FATA and Balochistan? Watch out for the Mujahideen who brought a superpower to its knees in Afghanistan. -BRIG (Retd) FAROOQ HAMEED KHAN, Lahore, via e-mail, April 17.