Many people claim that Taliban have designs to occupy the whole of Pakistan to make their so-called 'Islamic Sultanate'. That is a false and totally baseless perception. Firstly, nobody knows who are these Taliban, where were they trained and from where are they getting their finances? The people have been duped into believing that they are Pushtuns belonging to FATA. While I write this, the Taliban are occupying Bunair. They have grabbed some land here and started killing people, as they are wont to do wherever they go. Three policemen and two citizens who fought them on behalf of a local Lashker have been slain. The state and its army, meanwhile, have been playing flute like the Romans did while Rome burned. Those who think Taliban are a distant threat should know that Punjab has borders with Waziristan Agency near Dera Ghazi Khan. I have traveled several times to that area and there is no visible presence of the Pak army there nor any checkpoints to stop the terrorists. From there, you can take the Indus Highway, which can take you unhindered to Karachi. I think the Talibanization in NWFP is being allowed to take root deliberately. The racist elements within our establishment want to brand Pushtuns as terrorists so that they can, then, help the Americans slaughter the innocent and ignorant among them through drone attacks to claim billions of dollars. -DR KHURRUM SHAUKAT YUSAFZAI, Peshawar, via e-mail, April 8.