In Karachi these days, the sun rises at around seven in the morning and sets at around seven in the evening if one takes the day on Pakistan Standard Time (PST). In other cities, there may be a plus minus of 15/20 minutes on that. The general working hours in Pakistan start at nine and close at five. In Daylight Time Saving (DTS), the sun will rise at eight and office hours will start at nine. Now, by advancing the clock by one hour from 15th of April, and increasing the idle office/business hour, what benefit does the government want to achieve? How much energy will be saved by this pretentious step considering it has failed spectacularly in bringing some discipline in business hours to bazaars, markets and shopping malls. The government, it may be noted here, has also failed to switch off the big signboards and bill boards on its declared schedule. This decision of advancing clock will not bring any benefit, rather it will upset the life of the people, and most importantly upset our body clocks. As a result, we would lose productivity. Now that the media, particularly the electronic media, is active and aware of people's predicaments, I hope it would continuously keep the government and the nation informed about the supposed benefit we get from this step in contrast to the cost of addition in consumption of energy and the cost of lower productivity. -SYED SAYEF HUSSAIN, Karachi, via e-mail, April 14.