The most important issue for 80 to 85 percent of our people is providing for two square meals a day. The loadshedding and constant price rise has made that an enormous do. The rise in petroleum products in particular effect everything. Nobody could have thought that diesel and petrol prices would be equal one day. They are today. That is strange because diesel is a cheap bi-product of petroleum and its price has historically remained less than 50 % of the petrol price. The truth is that we are paying for greed of the criminally corrupt people ensconced in high offices of the land. As is evident from reports in international media, the flight of capital from Pakistan to foreign countries is hot on the heels of dirty money of our parliamentarians who have plundered the exchequer to fill up their foreign accounts. Corruption, commission and kickback are legalized and this has been done by the legitimately elected people sitting in the Parliament House. -DR MUNAWAR CHAUDHRY, Lahore, April 23.