LAHORE - The degrees of the three leading member Directors of Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) have been found bogus after verification from the educational institutions concerned, it was learnt. According to the sources, the degrees of Chaudhry Azfal Rahat of Rahat Securities, Omar Khalil Malik of Networth Securities and Ammar-ul-Haq of Al-Haq Securities have been found bogus during the verification process. Sources revealed that the above-mentioned member Directors had submitted fake degrees with the Lahore Stock Exchange. The LSE contacted the concerned educational institutions including Punjab University, Lahore School of Information Technology and Cardiff University to verify their documents. After investigations, the educational institutions informed the LSE management that they had never issued the said degrees/certificates to these persons. According to the letter of the Punjab University sent to the LSE, the Equivalence Certificate to Mr Ch M Afzal has not been issued by the Punjab University. The Lahore School of Information Technology wrote to the Lahore Stock Exchange that we are unable to verify the document as the supporting evidence and academic record is not available with the college. About the degree of Omar Khalil Malik of Networth Securities, the Students Record Department of the Cardiff University said that, Please accept this confirmation Omar Khalil Malik- DOB 2/8/75- only completed one year of his studies with us and therefore did not achieve his degree.