The present regime in Pakistan has proven time and again that it has no vision. None of its ministers and advisors seem capable of seeing beyond their noses. The other day I saw our Minister for Petroleum, Naveed Qamar, on a TV channel. He was strangely sleepy, slothy, not even being able to open his eyes properly. He stammered a lot through out and when he did seem to have an answer to some question, words came out in broken sentences and those sentences kept being repeated again and again. He didnt have a clue to what he wanted to say. I had heard about abstract art but never heard of abstract speech of this kind. Then, I heard the PM speaking to press after his so-called summit on energy crisis. And he too was totally nonplused, seemingly having no clue about what the words energy, crisis or management mean. In the same meeting, Information Minister Qammar Zaman Kaira lost his temper. When you have no answer, you have no patience. He was unbearably rude. In the dark clouds of despondency that hover over us all, there is a silver lining, though. Governor Punjab is no longer writing the obnoxious letters he used to write to CM Punjab. Perhaps he has exhausted his vocabulary for such letters. The main gate of the Governor House Lahore is also different in that it no longer resembles a picture house of the Tibbi area. There are no cinemascope pictures of Mr Zardari, BB and all their toadies on the gate. Perhaps he has abandoned the idea of turning Lahore into Larkana, or even installing a PPP government in Punjab. It is never too late to learn. -TABISH GISHKORI, Sammasatta, April 23.