India has been expressing suspicions about the newly initiated strategic US-Pakistan partnership through which Washington is providing sophisticated military equipment, including combat aircrafts, to Islamabad. This has forced India to raise the 'diplomatic pitch against transfer of such equipment to Pakistan. The Indian Minister for External Affairs, in response to Pakistans demand of a civil nuclear deal with US similar to India has said that Washington should always look at the track record of a country before signing such a treaty. By accusing Pakistan of clandestine proliferation activities, India is hoping for a change in US position on the civil nuclear issue. The unwarranted remark of Indian Minister for External Affairs, though, expresses a different intent from his Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. In the recent nuclear summit, Mr Singh seemed to show a kind of disinterest in the proposed partnership on nuclear technology between Pakistan and US. On Mumbai issue also, it is no longer possible to regard with seriousness the Indian tendency to break into accusations every now and then. They have not been able to establish anything and are still without a tangible proof, subsisting mostly on half-baked hypotheses and lame 'pieces of evidence showing involvement of the LeT. LeT, a Pakistan-based religious organization, has been banned now for many years by Islamabad but is still being charged by India despite long dis-functionality. It seems rather unseemly for Prime Minister of India to assert that LeT members are found roaming around freely in Pakistan and I dont see any need for further evidence. Mr Singh might not be in need of more evidence but rest of the world apparently is. That is effectively what the Pakistani Prime Minister says by asking for 'evidence. Pakistan has its hands full with an ongoing insurgency, a debilitating energy crisis, scrounge for resources and a multitude of cross-border threats. It would be an understatement to say that Islamabad has no time or energy to pursue this curious episode of past that has nothing to do with Pakistan and has everything to do with incompetence of the Indian security establishment. The refusal of Indian Prime minister to even consider resumption of dialogue or a relationship at any level reveals an unjustified obsession that would only steer the two neighbours towards a mortal combat. The Indian leadership has to be asked what aims are they pursuing by building up the arsenal for warfare on one hand and building dams on our rivers in defiance of Indus Water Treaty on the other? And what is, then, this parallel propaganda initiative of Aman Ki Asha? -LUBNA UMAR, Islamabad, April 22.