SRINAGAR (AFP) - A one-day strike brought Kashmir to a standstill Friday, in a protest against the death sentences handed to three members of a Kashmiri group in the 1996 New Delhi market bombing. The three members of a Kashmiri group called the Islamic Front - two Kashmiris and a Muslim resident of New Delhi - were sentenced to death Thursday by a court in the Indian capital. The strike, called by both hardline and moderate factions of the regions main separatist alliance, closed shops, schools, banks and businesses in Srinagar. On April 13, one person was killed and 24 hurt during a strike called in protest against the three suspects convictions for the bombings, which killed 13 people and injured dozens in New Delhis Lajpat Nagar shopping area. In all, six people have been convicted for the Lajpat Nagar bombing. Of the three convicts not sentenced to death, one was jailed for life and two others, including a woman, were found guilty under milder provisions of the law and released, after taking into account time served while on trial.