The report of UN commission on assassination of Benazir Bhutto has done nothing new except giving President Zardari a clean chit. Before this, people from various walks of life had been casting a doubtful eye on him. But the report has been crystal clear that Mr Zardari had no role in the tragedy. All other points highlighted in the report have been already discussed threadbare in our media. What is left to do now is for somebody to act, do something about the matter. There is though the question that who would do that? President Zardari, it is obvious, would do nothing because his close confidantes Rehman Malik and Babar Awan have been pointed at in the report. The friends that BB had around her at the time of her death were all shunned by Mr Zardari. If he goes ahead and investigates his new friends in this case, he may not have any friends. -ZAHID RASHID, Rawalpindi, April 21.