Shahbaz Sharifs statement that Punjab is being discriminated against in loadshedding was not factual. It has also weakened his position when he has to subsequently ask the people of Punjab to close down their shops early. What we might have as a result is that there would no extra holiday in a week, no forwarding of clocks and no closure of shops at 8 o clock. These are measure taken in UK, Europe, USA, almost all over the world, even in the so-called resource-rich countries of the world. To top it off, the Punjab government is not even taking the ACs off from offices of the officers that are less than grade 20. In terms of the national GDP, Punjab contributes less than Sindh but the CM Sharif has played the might of Punjab card to hijack the whole Energy Conference in Islamabad. Punjab gets Rs. 6 billion worth of free electricity on agricultural tube wells and pumps but it has asked Pukhtoonkhwah to withdraw its petition in the Peshawar High Court that claimed that our province has the highest electricity tariff in Pakistan. The Tarbela dam produces electricity here but our people have to pay a higher tariff than other provinces along with the cost of GHQs war for the 'strategic depth. The promise that British made in 1901 of providing free electricity to FATA is being fulfilled 110 years later by the Pukhtoonkhwah government. Our province would have to pay Rs. 14 billion if that petition is withdrawn. If you look at the sum total of amount paid to the Pukhtoonkhwah government in last two years it works out to be exactly Rs. 14 billion. If we pay back this amount this way, we would have received nothing from the centre. -DR. KHURRUM SHAUKAT YUSAFZAI, Peshawar, April 23.