ISLAMABAD Bringing inflation down to a single digit remained a dream during the current financial year as the Government missed this target as well, besides slippages on all key indicators including fiscal deficit and revenue collection targets. Notwithstanding the Government claims the inflation to be around 12 percent at present, the masses are faced with an altogether different scenario wherein the prices have doubled in most of the cases during the financial year ending on June 30. Economists believe that it was the impact of over 30 percent devaluation in the rupee against dollar that has trickled down to the consumers in the shape of price hike. Besides the shortages of utilities, supplies were also giving panic to the consumers and psychological boost to the skyrocketing prices. The Government has not only backed off on its agreements with the International Monetary Fund but also has taken U-turns on most of the critical economic decisions with developmental allocations on top of them. Therefore, the Government is in a fix over maintenance of fiscal balances in the next financial year in the wake of growing expenditure on war against terrorism and limited resources to fund it. According to a senior official of the Ministry of Finance, the budget of 2000-2010 was chiefly based on external resources including the IMF, the World Bank, and the international community support under the Friends of Democratic Pakistan in addition to US support. At the end of the day, he said, everything except the IMF funding seems to be in the pipeline as yet. And it would play havoc with the economy of Pakistan in case financing from the US and the FODP are delayed beyond the end of the current financial year, he added. He believed that the war on terror has proven to be a double edged sward for the economy of Pakistan. In the first place it has been costing much beyond the countrys resources; secondly it has been ruining the investment climate marring livelihood options especially for the low-income classes. Lack of income earning opportunities for the daily wagers coupled with the unannounced more than half the time power outages pushed the poor people to the wall where they have left with no option but to agitate. That is why perhaps, commoners are now asking this question, How many jobs the 18th Constitutional Amendment would create?